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Where this comes from

It was 2:44 AM and I was lying in bed wondering why I was awake at that hour. In similar situations, I have always told myself, that I should get up and do something, instead of just lying in bed and thinking about doing something. Soon, though, in a moment of clarity, it occured to me that I could start something about which I have been thinking for years; a web log. Those random thoughts, that come and go through my mind, would, transferred from mind to screen, finally have a place to call home.

So I got out of bed and in my dark apartment, lightened only by my iPad screen, started looking for blog software. I settled on Serendipity, partially because I like the name, but also because I wanted something off the beaten, complicated path, that wouldn't have to have a security update every couple of months.

We will see how long this project holds up; whether I will continue to hone my writing or whether I will lose interest and forget about why I wanted to do this. I do hope that I will write about subjects that will find an audience outside the usual social media. We will see.