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The wall that protects you impeeds you.

My messages on this topic seem to feed upon themselves.

The Filibuster: the wall that protects you against the bad guys simultaneously forms the roadblock that prevents you from going forward.

I am again motivated to address this subject while reading today's newspaper.
"Biden has been mistaken in the nature of parliament [Congress] by believing that the political class of the country after the bitter Trump years would return to decency and compromise. This was naive, because even before Trump, Congress had degenerated into an ideologically hellish place, whose inhabitants reacted only to extreme pressure. Since Newt Gingrich's 1995 budget blockade, the poison level in Congress has only risen. Even the Trump mob of January 6th has not triggered any purification.

Biden's second mistake was that he relied solely on the power of money to consolidate his presidency. Dollar for dollar, the voters were supposed to be convinced that they were doing better with his presidency than with his predecessor's, who would also like to be his successor. This reveals the old senatorial gene in Biden; he measures his successes with the amount of money he can bring back to his home state.

[But] Biden still has one shot left. Democrats could abolish the blocking minority [the Filibuster!], which paralyzes legislative proposals and effectively forces a 60-per-cent majority. This would be a courageous step towards reviving parliamentarianism"
This quote is taken from an editorial by Stefan Kornelius printed in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Tuesday, December 21, 2021, page 4, and translated by and yours truly.

The writing is on the wall, not just in the States.

A Sign of Insincerity

Letting Joe Biden's agenda be blocked by the Filibuster is a sign of insincerity. If you want to get something done, you do what you have to do to get it done. I was raised to believe that, if you did not get what you wanted, you did not want it enough.

I am not one of those Americans, who for many years have urged their Senators to continue efforts to support bipartisanship. I like Senators who get off the sidelines and enter the fray; who don't let themselves be intimidated by the bully on the block.

Interview at Radio Yerevan

Radio Yerevan: President Biden, America's house of democracy is on fire! Shouldn't we call the fire department?
President Biden: No, we should pray for rain. The situation is serious and you really should do something about it. By the way, I send the voters in Republican-controlled states my thoughts and prayers.

Radio Yerevan: Senator Coons, the Filibuster is preventing the US Senate from passing voter reform. Shouldn't we do away with it?
Senator Coons: Are you asking me to give up my unearned, aristocratic and antiquated privilege? What kind of democracy do you think you live in?

The Filibuster

It hurts me to seen grown elected officials come crying home to their constituents, saying "Mitch/The Republicans/The Other Side/The Bad Guys won't let me do what you elected me to do!" And when those constituents ask "Why", the answer is, "Because I let them."

Senator Elizabeth Warren recently published a video, that explains the subject succinctly.

The Filibuster continues to fuel my imagination. It challenges me to find mental images that may not make sense of it, but at least make it understandable. I intend to use this space to unload some of those thoughts, on the assumption that once written down, they will cease to bother me.

The Filibuster, a festering wound that just won’t heal.

The Democrats, who have once again let themselves get screwed over by a recalcitrant minority, remind me of those men who go to establishments with red lights in order to let women dressed in black whip them.

By supporting the Biden Agenda and the Filibuster, Democrats look like they want to set their sails for a great adventure without weighing anchor.

Now playing in the United States Senate!
Samuel Beckett's world-famous play, 'Waiting for Bi-Partisan Election Reform'!
Starring Joe Manchin and Mitch McConnell as Vladimir and Estragon!
With the Senate Democratic Caucus hiding in the wings!

Defending the Filibuster is like giving your opponent permission to hit you.