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What Will Be

Gregory Wiest and Areum Oh will perform this program in the 2023/24 season in Munich.

After a very gratifying response to my recent call for scores, it has been difficult for me to choose a program from so many good offerings.

Three Women in the City
by Dustin Schulze
City Visions, Text by Emma Lazarus
From Brooklyn, Text by Evelyn Scott
The Metropolitan Tower, Text by Sara Teasdale
Unfinished List of The Things I Love
by Derek M. Jenkins
Text by Daniel Weller,
Autumn Sunset
Even the Little Things
To Love Again
by Paul Winchester
Grow Old Along With Me,Text by Robert Browning
To Love Again, Text by Gary Boelhower
O Mistress Mine, Text by William Shakespeare
Valentine, Text by Gary Boelhower
Love is a Sickness, Text by Samuel Daniel
Between Us, Text by Gary Boelhower