Still on the Way

Gregory Wiest, Akane Kubo, Bernhard Appich, and Juri Kannheiser presented this program as a live-stream Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstr. 42, Munich, Germany.

Bernhard Appich, Juri Kannheiser, Gregory Wiest, Akane Kubo

Five Lyrics of Lermontov

composed by David Evan Thomas
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Mikhail Lermontov,
translated by Anatoly Liberman
Speak to Me
She Sings
The Cliff
A Vision
The Angel of Heaven

The Touch of Rain

composed by Christopher Beardsley
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Robert Herrick, Edward Thomas and Matthew Arnold
How Love Came In
Like the Touch of Rain


composed by Donna McKevitt
for Tenor, Viola and Cello
Text by Derek Jarman


composed by Jake DiFebo
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Samuel Beckett
something there

A Seven of Sonnets – Poems of Mike Alexander

composed by Robert McCauley
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Mike Alexander
Sonnet - The Steps
Sonnet - Ms Pacman
Sonnet - "the six strings of yesterday"
Sonnet - Fermata
Sonnet - "this skeletal jockey"(Basquiat)
Sonnet - "this one Lavender Disaster"
Sonnet - Autopsy, Good Friday

How Calm t'is Here, Encore

by Pavel Yakovlev

I Dream of Jeannie, Encore

by Stephen Foster

David Evan Thomas has been honored with two McKnight Foundation Fellowships, an Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and commissions from the Minnesota Orchestra and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. Born in Rochester, New York in 1958, Thomas studied at Northwestern University, Eastman School of Music, and with Dominick Argento at the University of Minnesota. His music is published by ECS, MorningStar, Augsburg Fortress and many others. Thomas lives in Minneapolis.

Christopher Beardsley lives near Longridge in Lancashire, U.K. His composing career began whilst studying music at Huddersfield University from 1989-92. Since then his works have been performed on a regular basis.

Donna McKevitt (born 1970) is an English composer based in London. She studied viola with Gustav Clarkson and voice with Linda Hirst and gained a BA Hons in music at Kingston Polytechnic. She was a member of Miranda Sex Garden between 1991 and 1994 Donna is a member of the band The Mabuses and composer for the photographer Emma Summerton contributing film scores and soundtracks for the fashion house Bodyamr, London and Paris Fashion Week, Jaeger and Italian Vogue.

Jake DiFebo is a current Master's student at Colorado State University, studying Music Education and Composition. He specializes in vocal music, but in studying with Dr. James M. David, he has been experimenting with other instrumentations, including band, winds, strings, orchestra, and more. Jake holds a BA in Vocal Performance from UC Santa Cruz and teaches private voice lessons. He hopes to teach music in public schools, inspiring the next generation of singers and composers.

Robert McCauley is a composer of modern music for classical and tradional artists, who lives in Houston, Texas. He has a Bachelors in Music Composition from the New England Convservatory and a Masters from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University. He loves Houston, despite the weather, even though the city seems provincial to him.