Still on the Way

Gregory Wiest, Akane Kubo, Bernhard Appich, and Juri Kannheiser will present this program Einstein Kultur, Einsteinstr. 42, Munich, Germany.
Bernhard Appich, Juri Kannheiser, Gregory Wiest and Akane Kubo

Five Lyrics of Lermontov

composed by David Evan Thomas
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Mikhail Lermontov,
translated by Anatoly Liberman
Speak to Me
She Sings
The Cliff
A Vision
The Angel of Heavan

The Touch of Rain

composed by Christopher Beardsley
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Robert Herrick, Edward Thomas and Matthew Arnold
How Love Came In
Like the Touch of Rain


composed by Donna McKevitt
for Tenor, Viola and Cello
Text by Derek Jarman


composed by Jake DiFebo
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Samuel Beckett
something there

A Seven of Sonnets – Poems of Mike Alexander

composed by Robert McCauley
for Tenor and Piano
Texts by Mike Alexander
Sonnet - The Steps
Sonnet - Ms Pacman
Sonnet - "the six strings of yesterday"
Sonnet - Fermata
Sonnet - "this skeletal jockey"(Basquait)
Sonnet - "this one Lavender Disaster"
Sonnet - Autopsy, Good Friday