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Who Is Now
A Program of Modern American Songs

This program was performed by,
Nicole Winter, pianist,
Stefan Telser, double bass, and
Gregory Wiest, tenor,
on October 23, 1999, in the Echtzeithalle im Einstein, in Munich, Germany.

Four Occasional Songs

for Tenor, op.41
poetry by Cornel Adam
composed between 7/58 and 6 /66 by Peter Jona Korn (3/30/22-1/12/98)
Riding Song
Farmer's Song
Rustic Song
Cradle Song


A Song Cycle for High Voice, Piano and Double Bass
poetry by Jack Kerouac, Malcolm Brodwick, and Walt Whitman
composed 1998 by Arthur Gottschalk
Chorus 172
Chorus 34
The Mystic Trumpeter
Chorus 168
Who Is Now
Chorus 49
All About Connections
Chorus 241

Song of the Son

Three Songs for Tenor and Piano
poetry by Jean Toomer
composed 1998 by Jeremy Beck (1960)
Song of the Son

Three Encores:

1. Even
poetry by Steve Kowit
composed 1997 by Victor Saucedo (1937)
2. Bach
poetry and music by William Vollinger
3. A Thunderstorm in Town
composed 1990 by Garth Baxter (1946)
Text by Thomas Hardy

Six Love Songs

for Tenor and Piano
composed 1998
poetry and music by David Wolfson
My Pennies
I Shake the Day from My Shoulders
You Snap
Your Body
Let Us Not Forget
When First I loved You

Peter Jona Korn was born 1922 in Berlin, Germany. He began his musical studies at the Berlin Music Academy and continued them at the Beltane School in London as a student of Rubbra, at the Jerusalem Conservatory with Wolpe, at the University of California at Los Angeles with Schönberg and at the University of Southern California with Eisler and Toch. He studied film music composition with Ròzsa and Dahl. In 1944 Mr. Korn became an American citizen. He taught composition at the Munich Trapp Conservatory, was guest professor at the University of California at Los Angeles and was the director of the Richard Strauss Conservatory from 1967-1987. He was Vice-President of the German Composers Association and was a member of the board of directors of GEMA.
Mr. Korn died in Munich on January 12, 1998.

Arthur Gottschalk was born 1952 in San Diego, California. He studied medicine for two years at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor before switching to music. He then earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition, a Master of Arts in Composition and English Literature and a Doctorate in Composition. In the process he studied with Ross Lee Finney, Leslie Bassett, George Balch Wilson and William Balcom.
Currently he is Professor and Director of the electronic music and computer music labs at Rice University in Texas.

Jeremy Beck was born in 1960. He has studied at Yale University, Duke University and the Mannes College of Music and has won awards from the American Composers Orchestra, the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and the National Federation of Music Clubs.
Currently, he is Associate Professor of Music at California State University in Fullerton.

Victor Saucedo was born 1937 in Colton, California.His study of composition began at the University of Southern California, where he got his Bachelors in 1966. At the University of California at Los Angeles he got his Master of Arts in 1968 and his Doctorate in 1972. In addition, he studied computer music at the University of California and Stanford University. Currently he teaches music theory and Mexican music at Southwestern College.
The song, "Even" comes from the song cycle entitled, Kowit Songs.

Garth Baxter was born in 1946. He is better known as a composer for the classical guitar. In 1993, Soundboard Magazine proclaimed him to be one of the leading composers for voice and guitar in the 20th century. He is now a member of the faculty at Western Maryland College.
The song, "A Thunderstorm in Town" comes from the song cycle entitled, "Four Views of Love".

David Wolfson was born in 1964. He studied composition with Eugene O'Brian and John Rinehart at the Cleveland Institute of Music where he earned his Bachelor of Music diploma.
He is a free-lance composer, musical director, arranger, pianist and copyist and has been living in New York City since 1986.